What does iAM offer?

Students with big dreams deserve real support from teachers, business leaders and fellow classmates. That’s what teens can expect at iAM, plus a lot extra.

The iAM philosophy

iAM is part of a select group of Career and Technical Education (CTE) schools that blend rigorous academics with real-life work skills. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made CTE programs a citywide priority in 2008, in an effort to boost student achievement. Because of the innovative teaching model at iAM, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz committed $2 million in funding to the school in 2007.

So imagine school as a collective of student innovators, all working to transform the future of the job force, one project at a time. That’s the iAM environment – and one that can turn teens with big ideas into powerful industry players.

Classes, made personal

The innovative faculty at iAM pushes students to act on their ideas. Thanks to an 11-to-1 student-teacher ratio, both students and parents can feel connected to the learning process along the way. (Many classes cater to 20 students or less.) iAM mixes core classes with progressive but practical courses in advertising and media, in an effort to boost students’ confidence and build their presentation skills for a range of industries.

Training for college and careers

Partnerships with New York business leaders help students gain real skills for rewarding internships, college courses and jobs later. From our current scholarship winners to our success in citywide competitions, iAM projects show that hard work pays off – in school and beyond. Students can take advantage of PSAL sports, Project ACT (our mentorship program), and any one of our online courses for an additional challenge.

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Help for…

  • Prospective students and parents
  • Current students and parents
  • Press
  • Advertising agencies and organizations

How can I learn more about iAM?

Feel free to browse our website or get in touch directly. You can email the school at “info@advhigh.com” or call us at (718) 290-8760. The school’s administrative office is staffed to answer questions between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

How can I schedule a tour?

Call the main office and ask to speak to one of our two guidance counselors. They will be more than happy to schedule a tour for you and your child.

If you are a guidance counselor interested in bringing a group of kids? Simply call to schedule a visit.

How do I get to iAM?

iAM is located at 1600 Rockaway Parkway, in the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn. The school is accessible by the L train (Canarsie-Rockaway Parkway station). For driving directions, see here.

What types of classes does iAM offer?

iAM students have access to a variety of engaging classes. We offer classes such as Intro to Advertising, Digital Music, Ad Production, EPortfolio, Web Design, and Creative Media to name a few.

How many students are in each class?

Each grade at iAM is made up of about 310 students. Most courses are broken down into groups of 17 to 20 students, and iAM has a 11-to-1 student-teacher ratio.

What extra-curricular activities do you offer?

Our extra-curricular activities include 14 different PSAL sports teams, a mentorship and internship program, student government, chess, yoga, and campus leadership.

Do you offer sports after school?

Yes. All of the Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) sports are open to freshmen through seniors. Eligibility is contingent on academic performance, and students must have grades of 75 percent or higher in each of their courses to remain on the teams.

Sports available include: baseball, basketball, bowling, cross country, football, handball, indoor track, outdoor track, soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball and wrestling.

How can I enroll?

You must speak to an iAM representative at a High School Fair, one of our Open Houses, or a personal tour and place us on your high school application. The closer to #1 you place us on your list, the better your chances of getting in.

What is the enrollment deadline?

The high school applications process is over for the 2012-2013 school year. If you are still interested, please speak with you guidance counselor at your school and ask for an appeal to your high school placement.

How do I know if I’m enrolled?

You will receive a high school decision in February. If you have been accepted to iAM, the letter will inform you and your parents of the next steps you should take.

Is there an orientation?

The 2012-2013 orientation will take place during the first week of classes and be incorporated into the school day. Parents may stop by the school on September 7, 2012 to join us for refreshments and an introduction to iAM. Parents can also visit anytime during the week.

What time does school begin and end each day?

Classes start at 9:00 a.m. daily and end at 3:30 p.m. On Wednesdays, school ends at 1:45 p.m. Please check school announcements guest-speaker sessions, which will extend school hours (on Wednesdays) to 3:30 p.m.

How does course selection work?

Students at iAM have access to a variety of core and elective classes. Students are programmed for all foundational and core classes. Once you reach 11th grade, there are a number of advertising specific electives you can participate in including ad production, web design, and music production.

When will I receive my schedule?

Students will receive a tentative schedule the first day of school. Final schedules will be distributed by the end of the second week of classes.

How can I contact a teacher?

If you would like to speak with a teacher email “info at advhigh dot com” and make the request. You can also call the school directly at (718) 290-8760 and make an appointment to come in and speak to our staff. In addition, staff members are available at all high school fairs and open houses.

What is iAM’s grading scale?

iAM follows the New York City Department of Education guidelines with respect to grading. All grades are standards-referenced and indicate a students mastery level on the content covered in the course.

How do students know which guidance counselor they’ll have?

Guidance counselors are assigned by grades, helping student with the issues and questions they have that are specific to their grade.

How should absences be reported?

All absences must be called in the morning of the absence and accompanied by a letter excusing the absence.

How can I find out if school has been canceled for weather or an emergency?

School cancellations are done by the Chancellor Walcott of the NYC Department of Education. You should check your local media stations to find out if school has been cancelled in New York City.

What is the iAM dress code?

Business casual. Special industry events, such as speaker sessions and field visits, require formal business attire. A book bag, whether messenger or backpack, is part of the dress code, so students must report to school with their book bags on a daily basis.

Gym Uniform: T-shirt with school logo and shorts or long exercise pants in black, blue or gray, with sneakers. School t-shirts can be purchased at the school once the school year begins. Remember, students are scheduled for physical education every day and should have enough pairs of exercise pants and t-shirts for the week.

What is considered business casual?

Men: Khakis or slacks, with collared shirts (button-down or polo in any color or print, excluding large brand logos) and sneakers or shoes. Sweaters are permitted in colder months. We recommend that students invest in a pair of suit-style pants and a tie for speaker events and field visits.

Women: Khakis, skirts or slacks, with collared shirts (button-down or polo in any color or print, excluding large brand logos) and sneakers or shoes. Sweaters are permitted in colder months. Skirts must be longer than knee-length, and tights must be worn with skirts in cold weather. We recommend that students invest in a suit-like outfit for events that require formal business attire.

Prohibited items: Items including, but not limited to, shorts, jeans (or anything made of denim), oversized pants or shirts, miniskirts, leggings, sweatpants, racing pants, jogging pants, sweatshirts, hoodies (of any material), hats, head wraps, bandanas, head scarves, du-rags, sandals, flip-flops and steel-toed shoes are not considered business casual and are not allowed under the dress code.

What supplies do I need?

Students will be issued textbooks and other instructional materials in September.

Other items required for purchase:

  • One 2-inch, three-ring binder for notes (iAM does not use other types of notebooks)
  • Pens (black and blue)
  • #2 pencils (mechanical preferred)
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Graph paper
  • Academic planner
  • 1-gigabyte flash drive

Other items recommended for purchase:

Texas Instruments TI-84 Graphing Calculator, required for the Integrated Algebra regents. Students will be provided calculators to use in school but will not be allowed to take them home for homework.

How can students get a new student ID?

Student id’s are distributed the first month a student is enrolled at iAM. If a student loses their id card, they must report the loss to the main office and a new id will be issued.

Are cell phones and other electronic devices allowed?

No electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, PSPs, portable music or video players or portable game players are allowed in the school, in accordance with the New York City Department of Educations Chancellors Regulations.

These devices will be confiscated at the door. Parents and guardians can come to iAM to pick up the devices on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Do I need a computer at home?

Students will have access to laptops and other computer equipment at school, and students are required to carry flash drives to all classes. However, it’s beneficial for students to have outside access to a computer with broadband Internet access and a working printer for homework, projects and team activities. iAM lends laptop computers for home use, upon receipt of a signed parent agreement.

What if I still have a question?

Feel free to get in touch. You can email the school directly at “info at advhigh dot com” or call us at (718) 290-8760. The school’s administrative office is staffed to answer questions between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM.



    • Anthony-520x349
    • Anthony Fusari

      Teaches Global Studies and has been working at iAM since 2009. Mr. Fusari uses skills most commonly used in the advertising industry to teach his students a core academic subject. Mr. Fusari also leads Professional Development at iAM to show core academic teachers how to implement CTE core competencies in their lesson plans.

    • Kyle-520x349
    • Kyle Allen

      A founding member of the iAM school, Mr. Allen has taken on the role of Work Based Learning Coordinator, helping identify real-world opportunities for our students. Mr. Allen was the winner of the 2011 Stanley Schair Award for outstanding practices and innovation in Career and Technical Education.

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