Dean Wallace

- class of 2013

Dean, an Art Director/Copywriter, shares his experience working on unique projects and his favorite parts of iAM.

Q & A

    • What are some projects that you’ve worked on?

      I’ve been working on my skills in advertising since 9th grade, but I really started getting into it once I got into 10th grade. That’s when I started mentoring with industry professionals and worked on projects like DARE:60 for Marcus Graham Project and college briefs for The One Show. I’ve since worked to concept campaigns for PETA, Michele Obama’s Campaign – Let’s Move and Stride, in addition to building my network while continuing my mentorship./p>

    • What do you like about iAM?

      I like the fact that advertising is a part of everything we do regardless of what our experience has been prior to making it to high school, and the more interest we take in the program the more responsibility and opportunities you are given to represent for the school. The fact that the school believes in my abilities both academically and creatively has really inspired me to do better in school and pursue college.

    • What has been your favorite class and why?

      My favorite class is Advanced Production, which is taught by Kyle Allen who is also the Lead CTE Teacher at iAM. I have been enrolled in that class since Sophomore year and I have seen my skills grow over the last two years through the projects we’ve worked on; the industry speakers we’ve come in contact with; the organizations we’ve introduced to like the ADVERTISING Club of New York and the One Club.



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