Kaleatha Goodluck-Watson

- class of 2013

Kaleatha, who specializes in production, explains what drew her to iAM and what she thinks about the school’s industry connections.

Q & A

    • How did you hear about iAM? Why were you interested?

      I heard about iAM at a high school fair. It stuck out because I wanted to be a writer…iAM was my first choice.

    • What can you say about the industry partners involved with iAM?

      The industry partners come to the school a lot and really understand the program. Mostly, they’re surprised that we’re able to do so much at our age. Also, every year we have a project competition where we have to create a complete campaign – commercials, billboards, everything – in two weeks. In 2011, the campaign was for boutiques.com, and everyone worked to put it together.



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