Where can iAM lead students?

How would it sound to have a job that combines music, film, photography, creative writing and graphic design? That’s exactly what the advertising and media industries offer – and plenty more. And for students who decide they’d like a different career? iAM can help with that, too.


From commercials to websites to social media and beyond, if it sends a message to consumers, it’s a part of advertising. iAM teamed up with students, teachers and business leaders to see what the industry means to them – and how high school students can launch truly big careers in any field.

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    • Dean Wallace, Sr.

    • Parent, iAM

      Hear how parent-Dean Wallace Sr. feels iAM has helped his son.

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    • Adaleza Michelena

    • Principal, iAM

      Hear how unique opportunities at iAM are, compared to other high schools.

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    • Pedro Noguera

    • New York University, Professor of Education

      Watch Pedro talk about the importance of linking schools to jobs.

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    • Gina Grillo

    • President and CEO, The ADVERTISING Club

      Hear how an internship changed Gina’s career path.

we train students for

The Real World

    • Work study

      Non-traditional class time? No problem. Students at iAM can gain course credit for participating in approved on-the-job programs.

    • Mentor programs

      At this school, class members hear real perspectives and advice from industry leaders. iAM hosts industry guests like advertising executives, designers, writers and more at special events just for students.

    • Internships

      Real-world experience can be the best education. iAM encourages students to their explore career paths of interest (and offers help in finding the right place to learn).

    • Clubs

      iAM students join a community – both in classes and beyond. From advertising clubs to academic groups to sports teams, the school offers extra opportunities all year round.

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