ReAlexis Castro

- class of 2013

ReAlexis Castro, a student copywriter, shares his proudest moments at iAM – and explains what other students can expect from the school.

Q & A

      • What have you been involved in at iAM?I’ve been involved in every aspect, except for new business. I specialize in creative copywriting. My first class at the school was Mr. Allan’s advertising class. I loved it. I’m the most proud of my ninth-grade year, when I did a Jaguar campaign for an agency that I interned at. We created a campaign through the whole year and made it a competition between the classes.
      • What are the classes like at iAM?Academically, the teachers are amazing. I don’t know how I got this lucky, to be honest. The teachers are such cool people, and they make sure that you really learn.
      • What would you say to an eighth grader about iAM?I’d have to tell them that this school is a group of individuals. Everyone knows everyone, and we all have each other’s backs…You can not only be a better you, you can find a family.



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