Who's a part of the iAM family?

iAM isn’t just about classes – it’s a way of life. It’s a community of creative teens working with inspiring teachers who care. Students at this high school learn how to think like leaders, inside and outside the classroom.


ReAlexis Castro

- Class of 2013

This school is a group of individuals. Everyone knows everyone, and we all have each other’s backs…You can not only be a better you, you can find a family



    • Career connections

      Students at iAM team up with industry experts and business leaders on class projects, extracurricular activities and internships – all for a diverse look at real jobs within the advertising and media industries.

    • Creative teamwork

      Classes here are collaborative. At iAM Advertising, a fully functioning creative agency within the school, students push their skills – and inspire each other along the way.

    • Classroom variety

      Besides strong core classes, iAM students can take extra advertising and media courses. Whether or not they have ad-industry dreams, they’ll boost their communication skills while learning.