Tevin Jeffrey

- class of 2012

Graphic-design student Tevin explains how classes work at iAM.

Q & A

    • What are some of your favorite parts about iAM?

      We get a myriad of opportunities that people don’t know about, like going to advertising agencies and being mentored by heads of some departments.

    • What are classes like at the school?

      We all work together. There are small classes of 25 students. We all interact together to finish the campaign faster. I could work closely with a copywriter. We get input from everyone we can to clearly convey our message.

    • What do you think junior high students should know about iAM?

      The school is not all advertising. In every other way, it’s a regular high school. Advertising just happens to be a part of it. There’s a music club, acting, sports…



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